Configure session tracking for WAP devices

Most Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) devices do not support cookies. The preferred way to track sessions for WAP devices is to use URL rewriting. However on most WAP devices, the maximum allowed URL length is 128 characters. With URL rewriting, a session indentifier is added to the URL itself, effectively decreasing the space available for the actual URL and the number of parameters that can be sent on a request.

To reduce the length of session identifier, you can configure key (jsessionid), session ID length and clone ID. To make these configuration changes, complete the following...

  1. Open the Administrative console.

  2. Click Servers > Application Servers.

  3. Select a server from the list of appservers.

  4. Under Additional Properties, click Web Container

  5. Under Additional Properties, click Custom Properties.

  6. Add the appropriate properties from the following list...

  7. Click Apply and Save.


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