Session management custom properties

Custom properties for session management...

CloneSeparatorChange Maintain session affinity. The clone ID of the server is appended to session identifier separated by colon. On some WAP devices, a colon is not allowed. Set this property to "true" to change clone separator to a plus sign (+).

HttpSessionCloneId Change the clone ID of the cluster member. Within a cluster, this name must be unique to maintain session affinity. When set, this name overwrites the default name generated by WAS. Default clone ID length: 8 or 9.

HttpSessionIdLength Configure the session identifier length. Do not use an extremely low value; using a low value results in reduced number of combinations possible, thereby increasing risk of guessing the session identifier. In a cluster, all cluster members should be configured with same ID length. Allowed range: 8 to 128. Default length: 23.

HttpSessionReaperPollInterval Set a wake-up interval for the process that removes invalid sessions. Default is based on maximum inactive interval set in Session Management. Allowed value: integer.

NoAdditionalSessionInfo Set this value to "true" to force removal of information that is not needed in session identifiers. In WAS base edition,a clone ID of -1 is never used; therefore, a clone ID is not included in base edition when this is set. Also, cache ID is not used with nonpersistent sessions; so the cache ID is not included with nonpersistent sessions when this value is set.

SessionIdentifierMaxLength Set maximum length that a session identifier can grow. In a cluster, because of fail-over when a request goes to new cluster member, Session Management appends a new clone ID to the existing clone ID. In a large cluster, if for some reason servers are failing more often, then it is possible that the session identifier length can be more than expected reducing room for URL. So this property helps to find out the condition and take appropriate action to address servers fail-over. When this is specified, message is logged when specified maximum length is reached. Allowed value: integer.

SessionRewriteIdentifier Change the key used with URL rewriting. Default key... jsessionid.