Completing the Java bean implementation

Develop Java bean implementation templates and bindings from a WSDL file.

  1. Edit the Java bean implementation template, binding is the name of the <wsdl:binding> element in the WSDL file.

    1. Complete the implementation of the methods in the template.

    2. (Optional) Make changes if necessary.

    3. (Optional) Change the class name if the binding name is not acceptable.

  2. Compile all the Java classes.

  3. Assemble a Web archive (WAR) file.Assemble all the Java classes into a WAR file using typical Web module assembly tools. Include all of the classes generated from running the WSDL2Java command tool when developing implementation templates and bindings from a WSDL file.

A JAR file containing a Java bean and supported classes created from the WSDL file.

Configure the webservices.xml deployment descriptor.


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