CORBA minor codes



CORBA is an industry-wide standard for object-oriented communication between processes, which is supported in several programming languages. Several subcomponents of WAS use CORBA to communicate across processes.

When a CORBA process fails, that is a request from one process to another cannot be sent, completed, or returned, a high-level exception is thrown, such as TransactionRolledBackException: CORBA TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACK. In order to show the underlying cause of the failure, applications which use CORBA services generate minor codes, which appear in the exception stack. Look for "minor code" in the exception stack to locate these exceptions.


Minor codes used by WAS components

Range Related subcomponent Where to find details
0x49424300-0x494243FF Security Security components troubleshooting tips
0x49421050-0x4942105F, 0x49421070-0x4942107F ORB services Object request broker component troubleshooting tips
0x4f4d and above Standard CORBA exceptions
0x49421080-0x4942108F Naming services Javadoc for class
0x49421080-0x4942108F Workload Management Javadoc for class


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