Assembling resource adapter (connector) modules

A resource adapter archive (RAR) file contains code that implements a library for connecting with a backend Enterprise Information System (EIS). You might see the terms resource adapter modules, resource adapter connectors and resource adapter archive files used interchangeably.

Use the Assembly Toolkit to assemble a connector in any of the following ways...

  1. Start the Assembly Toolkit.

  2. (Optional)   Open the J2EE perspective to work with J2EE projects. Click Window > Open Perspective > Other > J2EE.

  3. (Optional)   Open the J2EE Hierarchy view. Click Window > Show View > J2EE Hierarchy. Other helpful views include the Project Navigator view (Window > Show View > Other > J2EE > Project Navigator) and the Navigator view (Window > Show View > Navigator).

  4. Migrate RAR files created with the Application Assembly Tool (AAT) or a different tool to the Assembly Toolkit. To migrate files, import your RAR files or connector modules to the Assembly Toolkit.

  5. Create a new connector module.

  6. Verify the contents of the new connector module in either of the following ways...

    • In the J2EE Hierarchy view, expand Conector Modules and view the new module.

    • Click Window > Show View > Navigator to see the associated files for the connector module in a Navigator view.


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