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Migrate an existing iOS project to version V8.0.0 manually

Migrate your existing native iOS project manually within your Xcode project and continue developing with IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation V8.0.0.

Before you begin

Before you begin we must:


  1. Delete all of the existing references to the static library libWorklightStaticLibProjectNative.a in the Link Binary With Libraries tab of Build Phases section.
  2. Delete the Headers folder from the WorklightAPI folder.
  3. In the Build Phases section, link the main required framework IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation.framework file in the Link Binary With Libraries tab.

    This framework provides core MobileFirst functionality. Similarly, we can add other frameworks for optional functionality (see Optional frameworks for iOS).

  4. Similar to the preceding step, link the following resources to our project in the Link Binary With Libraries section of the Build Phases tab.

    • SystemConfiguration.framework
    • MobileCoreServices.framework
    • Security.framework
    • Note: Some frameworks might already be linked.

    • libstdc++.6.tbd
    • libz.tbd
    • libc++.tbd
  5. Remove $(SRCROOT)/WorklightAPI/include from the header search path.
  6. Replace all of the existing MobileFirst imports of headers with a single entry of the following new umbrella header:
    • Objective C:

      #import <IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation/IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation.h>

    • Swift:

      import IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation


Your application is now upgraded to work with the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, V8.0.0 iOS SDK.

What to do next

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