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Acquiring the MobileFirst SDK from the MobileFirst Operations Console

Get a copy of the MobileFirst SDK for manual integration with your application.

Before you begin

Run the IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Operations Console on the MobileFirst Development Server, which is installed with the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Developer Kit. For more information, see IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Developer Kit.


We can add MobileFirst functionality to an existing application, or upgrade from an earlier version of the MobileFirst SDK, by manually adding the SDK files to our application. Follow the outlined procedure to obtain the required SDK files from the MobileFirst Operations Console.

Note: The SDK files are available locally from the console when using the MobileFirst Development Server, and can be obtained without an internet connection.


  1. From the navigation sidebar of the MobileFirst Operations Console, select Download Center.
  2. On the Download Center page, select the SDKs tab.
  3. From the SDKs tab, select the local-download option for the SDK that we want to download:

    Local-download button

    Follow the instructions in the dialog window to save the SDK archive file to your preferred location.

  4. Extract the SDK files from the downloaded archive file.


For instructions on how to use the SDK, see the file in the extracted SDK directory, as well as the following documentation:

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