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Install with Ant Tasks

Use Ant tasks to install the MobileFirst Server components to our application server.

We can find the sample configuration files for installing MobileFirst Server in the mfp_install_dir/MobileFirstServer/configuration-samples directory.

We can also create a configuration with the Server Configuration Tool and export the Ant files by using File > Export Configuration as Ant Files.... The sample Ant files have the same limitations as the Server Configuration Tool:

We can configure the MobileFirst Server services to run in server farm with Ant tasks. To include your server in a farm, you need to specify some specific attributes that configure your application server accordingly. For more information about configuring a server farm with Ant tasks, see Installing a server farm with Ant tasks.

For other topologies that are supported in Topologies and network flows, we can modify the sample Ant files.

The references to the Ant tasks are as follows:

For an overview of installing with the sample configuration file and tasks, see Installing MobileFirst Server in command line mode.

We can run an Ant file with the Ant distribution that is part of the product installation. For example, if you have WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment cluster and your database is IBM DB2, we can use the mfp_install_dir/MobileFirstServer/configuration-samples/configure-wasnd-cluster-db2.xml Ant file. After you edit the file and enter all the required properties, we can run the following commands from mfp_install_dir/MobileFirstServer/configuration-samples directory:

After the installation, make a copy of the Ant file so that you can reuse it to apply a fix pack. For more information, see Applying a fix pack by using the Ant files.

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