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Accessibility features for IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation

Accessibility features assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology content successfully.

Accessibility features

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation includes the following major accessibility features:

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation uses the latest W3C Standard, WAI-ARIA 1.0, to ensure compliance to US Section 508, and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. To take advantage of accessibility features, use the latest release of your screen reader in combination with the latest web browser that is supported by this product.

The IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation online product documentation in IBM® Knowledge Center is enabled for accessibility. The accessibility features of IBM Knowledge Center are described at:

Keyboard navigation

This product uses standard navigation keys.

Interface information

The IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation user interfaces do not have content that flashes 2 - 55 times per second.

We can use a screen reader with a digital speech synthesizer to hear what is displayed on your screen. Consult the documentation with your assistive technology for details about how to use it with this product and its documentation.

MobileFirst Platform CLI
By default, status messages that are displayed by the MobileFirst Platform CLI use various colors to indicate success, errors, and warnings. We can use the --no-color option on any MobileFirst Platform CLI command to suppress the use of these colors for that command. When --no-color is specified, output is displayed in the text display colors that are set for our operating system console.
Web interface
The IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation web user interfaces rely on cascading style sheets to render content properly and to provide a usable experience. The application provides an equivalent way for low-vision users to use a users system display settings, including high-contrast mode. We can control font size by using the device or web browser settings.

We can navigate through the different MobileFirst environments and their documentation by using keyboard shortcuts. Eclipse provides accessibility features for its development environments. Internet browsers also provide accessibility features for web applications, such as the IBM MobileFirst Platform Operations Console, the IBM MobileFirst Analytics Console, the IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center console, and the IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center mobile client.

The IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation web user interface includes WAI-ARIA navigational landmarks that we can use to quickly navigate to functional areas in the application.

Installation and configuration

There are two ways to install and configure IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation: by graphical user interface (GUI), or by command-line.

Although the graphical user interface (IBM Installation Manager in wizard mode or Server Configuration Tool) does not provide information about user interface objects, equivalent function is available with the command-line interface. All the functions in the GUI are supported through the command-line, and some particular installation and configuration features are only available with the command-line. We can read about the accessibility features of IBM Installation Manager in the IBM Knowledge Center.

The following topics provide you with the information on how the installation and configuration can be done without GUI:

Vendor software

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation includes certain vendor software that is not covered under the IBM license agreement. IBM makes no representation about the accessibility features of these products. Contact the vendor for the accessibility information about its products.

Related accessibility information

In addition to standard IBM help desk and support websites, IBM has established a TTY telephone service for use by deaf or hard of hearing customers to access sales and support services:

TTY service
800-IBM-3383 (800-426-3383)
(within North America)

IBM and accessibility

For more information about the commitment that IBM has to accessibility, see IBM Accessibility.

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