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Windows 8 Universal encryption

We can secure all of the collections in a store by encrypting them.

JSONStore uses SQLCipher as its underlying database technology. SQLCipher is a build of SQLite that is produced by Zetetic, LLC adds a layer of encryption to the database.

JSONStore uses SQLCipher on all platforms. On Android and iOS a free, open source version of SQLCipher is available, known as the Community Edition and is incorporated into the versions of JSONStore that is included in IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation. The Windows versions of SQLCipher are only available under a commercial license and cannot be directly redistributed by IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

Instead, JSONStore for Windows 8 Universal include SQLite as the underlying database. If you need to encrypt data for either of these platforms, you need to acquire your own version of SQLCipher and swap out the SQLite version that is included in IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation. For more information, see SQLCipher on Windows 8 Universal.

If you do not need encryption, the JSONStore is fully functional (minus encryption) by using the SQLite version in IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

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