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Command-line interface (CLI) summary

The mfpdev command-line consists of the following commands.

Table 1. MobileFirst Platform CLI summary
Command prefix Command action Description
mfpdev app register Registers your app with a MobileFirst Server.
  config Enables you to specify the back-end server and runtime to use for our app. In addition, for Cordova apps, enables you to configure several additional aspects such as the default language for system messages and whether to do a checksum security check. Other configuration parameters are included for Cordova apps.
  pull Retrieves an existing app configuration from the server.
  push Sends an app's configuration to the server.
  preview Enables you to preview your Cordova app without requiring an actual device of the target platform type. We can view the preview in either the Mobile Browser Simulator or your web browser.
  webupdate Packages the application resources contained in the www directory into a .zip file that can be used for the Direct Update process.
mfpdev server info Displays information about the MobileFirst Server.
  add Adds a new server definition to our environment
  edit Enables you to edit a server definition.
  remove Removes a server definition from your environment.
  console Opens the MobileFirst Operations Console.
  clean Unregisters apps and removes adapters from the MobileFirst Server.
mfpdev adapter create Creates an adapter.
  build Builds an adapter.
  build all Finds and builds all of the adapters in the current directory and in its subdirectories.
  deploy Deploys an adapter to the MobileFirst Server.
  deploy all Finds all of the adapters in the current directory and in its subdirectories, and deploys them to the MobileFirst Server.
  call Calls an adapter's procedure on the MobileFirst Server.
  push Sends an adapter configuration to the server.
  pull Retrieves an existing adapter configuration from the server.
mfpdev config Sets your configuration preferences for preview browser type, preview timeout value, and server timeout value for the mfpdev command-line interface.
  info Displays information about your environment, including operating system, memory consumption, node version, and command-line interface version. If the current directory is a Cordova application, information provided by the Cordova cordova infocommand is also displayed.
  -v Displays the version number of the MobileFirst Platform CLIcurrently in use.
  -d, --debug Debug mode: Produces debug output.
  -dd. --ddebug Verbose debug mode: Produces verbose debug output.
  -no-color Suppresses use of color in command output.
mfpdev help [<command type > | [<command action>]] Displays help for MobileFirst Platform CLI (mfpdev) commands. With a arguments, displays more specific help text for each command type or command. For more information see Command-line interface (CLI) help.

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