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Command-line interface (CLI) help

We can run the help command to display full information about all MobileFirst Platform CLI commands.

The mfpdev help command displays information about all commands in the CLI. We can display different levels of information as follows:

Table 1. Displaying help for MobileFirst Platform CLI commands
To display... Type in your command window...
A summary of all commands mfpdev help
A summary of all application-related commands mfpdev help app
A summary of all server-related commands mfpdev help server
A summary of all adapter-related commands mfpdev help adapter
Details of a specific command

mfpdev help <command> where <command> is either two or three parts. See Examples.


mfpdev help
Displays summary of all commands.
mfpdev help server
Displays summary of all server-related commands.
mfpdev help adapter
Displays summary of all adapter-related commands.
mfpdev help app register
Displays full description and syntax of mfpdev app register command.
mfpdev help config
Displays full description and syntax of mfpdev config command.

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