For up-to-date product documentation, see the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Center.

Developing MobileFirst applications

The process for developing applications has steps that are common to all environments: setting up a server, creating an initial server registration and corresponding configuration files, creating a new (or opening an existing) project in your chosen IDE, and adding the necessary SDK files to our IDE project.

Setting up the development environment

Before we can build and run your app, register it with a running MobileFirst Development Server. Read the following topics to learn how to set up your development server, add the MobileFirst libraries to our application, and register it with a server:

Developing your app

Once you have these resources in your IDE environment, you develop according to the guidelines for our target language and specific behavior of the MobileFirst API for that device platform. In addition, samples and documentation are provided for development in Xcode for iOS, Android Studio for Android, and Visual Studio for Windows.

Parent topic: Developing the client side of a MobileFirst application