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Developing native applications in Android Studio

To create an IBM MobileFirstâ„¢ Platform Foundation Android app add the necessary SDK files to our Android Studio project and register your app.

To develop a native application, add the MobileFirst SDK files to our Android Studio project. Then register your app using IBM MobileFirst Platform Operations Console or the MobileFirst Platform CLI. Develop and compile your app.

We can set up your Android Studio to include the MobileFirst by using Gradle or by using a manual or remote method of retrieving the files. For more information, see Methods of setting up your environment.

Once you have the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation SDK files set up in your Xcode project, we can register your app on the server. For details, see Registering Android applications to MobileFirst Server.

Note: The MobileFirst APIs cannot be activated from within an Android Service.

The following topics show you how to set up an initial project and start developing.

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