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Administer MobileFirst applications

The MobileFirst Operations web console is used to...

Administration roles...

The predefined operations console deployed to the embedded Liberty server has the following authentication configuration:

We must map the different administrators to these roles when you configure MobileFirst Server during installation of operations console. See Install administration services and the operations console.

operations console can be used to administer several runtime environments, which are issued from several independent MobileFirst projects and are deployed to the same application server or cluster. For more information about deploying a MobileFirst project, see Deploy apps from dev to test and prod.

operations console is not the only way to administer MobileFirst applications. MPF also provides other tools to incorporate administration operations into your build and deployment process.

A set of REST services is available to perform administration operations. For API reference documentation of these services, see REST Services API.

With this set of REST services, we can perform the same operations we can do in operations console. You can manage applications, adapters, and, for example, upload a new version of an application or disable an old version.

MobileFirst applications can also be administered using Ant tasks or with the wladmin command line tool. See wladm Ant task or Administer MobileFirst applications through the command line.

Similar to the web-based console, the REST services, Ant tasks, and command line tools are secured and require you to provide your administrator credentials, which enable you to perform operations within the specified role.