rmvmqinf (remove configuration information)

Remove IBM MQ configuration information (UNIX and Windows only).


Use the rmvmqinf command to remove IBM MQ configuration information.

We must use the rmvmqinf command from the installation associated with the queue manager that you are working with. We can find out which installation a queue manager is associated with using the dspmq -o installation command.


rmvmqinf -sQueueManager-sStanzaType StanzaName

Required parameters

    The name of the stanza. That is, the value of the key attribute that distinguishes between multiple stanzas of the same type.

Optional parameters

    -s StanzaType
    The type of stanza to remove. If omitted, a QueueManager stanza is removed.
    The only supported value of StanzaType is QueueManager.

Return codes

Return code Description
0 Successful operation
5 Queue manager is running
26 Queue manager is running as a standby instance
39 Bad command line parameters
44 Stanza does not exist
49 Queue manager is stopping
58 Inconsistent use of installations detected
69 Storage is not available
71 Unexpected error
72 Queue manager name error


rmvmqinf QM.NAME

Usage notes

Use rmvmqinf to remove an instance of a multi-instance queue manager.

To use this command we must be an IBM MQ administrator and a member of the mqm group.

Related commands

Command Description
addmqinf (add configuration information) Add queue manager configuration information
dspmqinf (display configuration information) Display queue manager configuration information