addmqinf (add configuration information)

Add IBM MQ configuration information on UNIX and Windows only.


Use the addmqinf command to add information to the IBM MQ configuration data.

For example, use dspmqinf to display and addmqinf to copy configuration data from the system where a queue manager was created, to other systems where the same multi-instance queue manager is also to be started.


addmqinf -sQueueManager-sStanzaType -vAttribute= Value

Required parameters

    -v Attribute = Value
    The name and value of the stanza attributes to be placed in the stanza specified in the command.
    Table 1 lists the QueueManager stanza attribute values. The queue manager stanza is the only stanza that is currently supported.

    Attribute Value Required or optional
    Name The name of the queue manager.

    We must provide a different name from any other queue manager stanza on the system.

    Prefix The directory path under which this queue manager data directory is stored by default.

    We can use Prefix to modify the location of the queue manager data directories. The value of Directory is automatically appended to this path.

    Directory The name of the queue manager data directory.

    Sometimes the name must be provided (as in Example ), because it is different from the queue manager name. Copy the directory name from the value returned by dspmqinf.

    The rules for transforming queue manager names into directory names are described in Understand IBM MQ file names.

    DataPath The directory path where the queue manager data files are placed. The value of Directory is not automatically appended to this path and we must provide the transformed queue manager name as part of DataPath.

    If the DataPath attribute is omitted on UNIX, the queue manager data directory path is defined as Prefix / Directory .

    On UNIX: Optional
    On Windows: Required
    EphemeralPrefix Specifies the path to the directory, within which the queue manager ephemeral data is kept, such as IPC sockets.

    If the EphemeralPrefix attribute is omitted, the queue manager ephemeral prefix is defined as Prefix.


Optional parameters

    -s StanzaType
    A stanza of the type StanzaType is added to the IBM MQ configuration.
    The default value of StanzaType is QueueManager.
    The only supported value of StanzaType is QueueManager.

Return codes

Return code Description
0 Successful operation
1 Queue manager location is invalid (either Prefix or DataPath )
39 Bad command-line parameters
45 Stanza already exists
46 Required configuration attribute is missing
58 Inconsistent use of installations detected
69 Storage is not available
71 Unexpected error
72 Queue manager name error
100 Log location is invalid


addmqinf -v DataPath=/MQHA/qmgrs/QM!NAME +
  -v Prefix=/var/mqm  +
  -v Directory=QM!NAME  +
  -v Name=QM.NAME
Creates the following stanza in mqs.ini:

Usage notes

Use dspmqinf with addmqinf to create an instance of a multi-instance queue manager on a different server.

To use this command we must be an IBM MQ administrator and a member of the mqm group.

Related commands

Command Description
dspmqinf (display configuration information) Display IBM MQ configuration information
rmvmqinf (remove configuration information) Remove IBM MQ configuration information