Post questions to a forum 

Posting a question to a forum is a great way to get an answer from the experts.

Before you begin

Anyone can post a question to a stand-alone forum. To post a question to a community forum, be a community member.

About this task

If you want to know the answer to a specific question, why not post the question to a relevant forum? As the topic creator, you can moderate the answers that people provide, and choose whether to accept or reject them.

Using a question-and-answer format is also a useful way to make information available to forum members in an easy-to-read layout. By creating question-and-answer threads, forum members can build up a useful repository of information for users who are new to a subject and share the same questions.

When posting a question to a forum, all you need to do is create a regular topic, but you need to be sure to mark the topic as a question. When you mark a topic as a question, the topic is marked with a question mark icon Question icon in the user interface, making it easy for forum users to identify which topics in the forum are questions.


To post a question to a forum...

  1. Open the forum where you want to post your question.

  2. Click Start a Topic.

  3. Enter a topic title in the Title field.

  4. Required: Select Mark this topic as a question.

  5. To tag the topic, enter one or more tags in the Tags field.

  6. Enter your question in the rich text field provided.

  7. To attach a file to your question, click Attach a File and browse for a file.

  8. Click Save.


If forum topics are moderated in your deployment, the topic does not display immediately. The forum moderator must approve the topic content first. If content moderation is not enabled, the topic displays immediately.

What to do next

You can post an answer to your own question by clicking Add Your Answer and following the steps described in Answering questions in a forum. When you post an answer to a question that you created yourself, the answer is automatically marked as an accepted answer.

To accept an answer posted by another user, click Accept this Answer under the answer. The response is marked as an accepted answer and the icon next to the original question changes to a green tick Answered question icon . Accepted answers are also highlighted with a green background, making it easy for you to identify them when the question has a lot of responses. You can mark multiple replies as accepted answers. When one reply is marked as an answer, the entire topic is marked as answered.

To reject an answer that has already been marked as accepted, click Decline this Answer under the response.

If your question is marked as answered, but you later find that you need more information, you can click Reopen Question under the original post to reopen the question. The question is marked as open again and users can post answers to it.

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Post questions and answers to a forum

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