Answering questions in a forum 

Share your expertise by answering questions posted to the forums that you are interested in. You can also post answers to questions that you add yourself when you want to share information with other users in a question-and-answer format.

Before you begin

Anyone can answer a question posted to a stand-alone forum. To answer a question posted to a community forum, be a community member.

About this task

Unanswered questions in a forum are flagged with a question mark icon Question icon , making it easy for forum members to identify them.

When you answer a question in a forum, the person who posted the question receives a notification containing your answer. They can then choose whether to accept or reject your answer. If they accept your answer, the question is marked as answered in the user interface, and the question is flagged with a green tick Answered question icon to indicate that it has been answered correctly. A question can have multiple correct answers.


To answer a question in a forum...

  1. Open the forum containing the question that you want to answer, and select the relevant question.

  2. Click Reply.

  3. Enter your answer in the rich text field provided.

  4. Optional: To attach a file to your answer, click Attach a File, click Browse to select the location of the file, and then click OK.

  5. Click Save to post your answer.

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Post questions and answers to a forum

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