Opening an activity 

Open an activity to work with its entries and members.

About this task

Your active activities are displayed in the My Activities view.

To open an activity and display its entries...


  1. If the My Activities view is not open, click My Activities from the navigation pane.

      From within an activity, you do not see My Activities listed in the navigation pane; click the Activities tab first.

  2. Click the title of the activity.

      If the activity that you are looking for is not listed on the current page, use the Next button at the bottom of the list to page through the activities. Alternatively, you can increase the number of activities displayed in the current page to up to 100 by clicking a number at the bottom of the activities list. You can filter the list by expanding Tags, and then clicking a tag assigned to the activity, or expanding People, and then clicking the name of a person who is also a member of the activity.

      Tip: Consider designating activities that you use often as high priority, which makes them easier to find; you can open the Prioritized Activities -> High Priority view to see a list of only the activities that you deem to be important.

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