Organizing activities by importance 

Prioritizing activities makes it easier for you to find the activities that are most important to you.

About this task

All activities are given a Normal priority level by default. You can change the priority level of an activity after you have determined how useful it is to you.

The priority level that you assign to an activity is visible only to you; it does not affect the priority that another member of the activity might assign to it.

Activities that you have prioritized as High or Medium are displayed in a compact list that you can access by expanding Prioritized Activities in the navigation pane of the My Activities view.

Note: Prioritized Activities is not displayed in the navigation pane from within an activity; exit the activity first. Click the Activities tab to exit the current activity and return to the My Activities view.

To prioritize an activity, complete one of the following steps:

These are the priority level options:

High Priority

Medium Priority

Normal Priority (Default)

Mark as Tuned Out

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Organizing your activities

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