Install the IBM Connections Status Updates Plug-in for Lotus Notes 

Use this plug-in to post your own status and view the status for colleagues in your network from your Lotus Notes client.

Before you begin

This plug-in is supported on Lotus Notes clients, starting with release 8.5.1. For the details on supported configurations, see the download page for this plug-in on the IBM Connections catalog: .

When you install this plug-in on the Lotus Notes client, configure Notes to recognize the IBM Connections servers before deploying the Status Updates plug-in. For details on configuring the servers, see the Configuration section of the Notes Integration article in the IBM Connections wiki.

About this task

After completing the configuration changes, follow these instructions to install or uninstall the IBM Connections Status Updates plug-in as a sidebar application.


What to do next

You can configure the interval for refreshing the content of status updates by changing the value of in the plugin_customization.ini file. For example:

The default refresh interval is 15 minutes. You can increase the interval by specifying a higher interval in minutes. You can also decrease the refresh interval, but if you set a value of 1 - 4 minutes, the refresh interval will remain at 5 minutes. To turn off the refresh interval, set the value to 0.

If the IBM Connections server either resides in the Siteminder SSO environment, or the IBM Connections server has forceConfidentialCommunication enabled in LotusConnections-config.xml, the user will see broken profile photos in the Status Updates list view. Test for this before you deploy Status Updates. To correct it, add the following line to the plugin_customization.ini file:

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IBM Connections Status Updates Plug-in for Lotus Notes

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