Install the IBM Connections Plug-in for Sametime 

As the administrator, you can download the IBM Connections Plug-in for Sametime and host it in a location from which your users can access it to upgrade their own Sametime clients.

Before you begin

The IBM Connections Plug-in for Sametime requires Sametime version 8.0 or later. The following instructions are for downloading and installing the plug-in for the stand-alone Sametime client. The plug-in for use with the embedded Sametime client is available as a Notes installation option.

Note: In order for the plug-in to be available for users to install from their Sametime clients, Sametime must be configured to allow plug-ins, as described in the Plug-in Management section of this topic:

if the setting "Allow user to install plug-in" is not enabled, users will be unable to access the plug-in.

About this task

The IBM Connections plug-in for Sametime allows users to save chats to activities, open related activities from a Sametime chat window, or save chats to a community forum. In addition, users can display contact information that is pulled directly from the Profiles server. To install the plug-in...


  1. Download the plug-in from the IBM Connections catalog web site:

  2. Save the update site files (site.xml file, plugins directory, and applications directory) to a location on your server. The location must be one that can be addressed by a web browser. Consult the IBM HTTP Server documentation for information on setting up addressable directories. The ht_docs directory is the default root directory of the HTML document repository.

  3. Let your users know the address from which the site is available so that they can specify it as the "New Remote Site" when they upgrade their clients to use the applications. For example, if you copied the update site files to an IBM HTTP Server directory called /opt/IBM/IHS61/htdocs/en_US/plugins, your users could use the following web address as the Remote Site:


  4. On the Sametime 8.0 or later server, enable your users to save chat transcripts. Otherwise, they will not be able to save chat transcripts to activities.

  5. Instruct your users to follow the steps described in the topic, Add the IBM Connections Plug-in for Sametime to your client, to complete the installation.

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