Install the IBM Connections Business Card 

As the administrator, you can download the IBM Connections Business Card plug-in to provide IBM Connections contact information in products with Sametime awareness enabled.

Before you begin

The IBM Connections Business Card is installed by default beginning with IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1. For details on system requirement and supported configurations, see the download page for the plug-in on the IBM Connections catalog: .

The new business card requires an extension from Sametime that allows replacing the original Sametime business card whenever a Sametime live name displays in the host product interface. These plug-ins belong to the core client and are not installed via the Business Card installer.

About this task

The IBM Connections business card plug-in allows users to display contact information that is pulled directly from the Profiles server combined with information from Sametime. To install the plug-in...


  1. Download the plug-in from the IBM Connections catalog at the following web site:

  2. Set the following parameters in the plugin_customization.ini file for the Notes 8.5.1 client, which is stored in the following directory: <Notes Install>/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini. Or, add them to the plugin_customization.ini file located in <install kit>/deploy/plugin_customization.ini before deploying the business card using the Add On Installer for Notes 8.02 or 8.5.

    • Profiles server URL

    • Authentication type

    • Authentication URL

      For example:



          Note: For Site Minder, this would be SM-FORM and for Tivoli Access Manager it would be TAM-FORM.


      Note: Verify that your URLs are correct before proceeding. The default ports for IBM Connections are 9080 and 9443. If you use a non-default port, you can look up its value in the WAS Integrated Solution Console.

  3. Optional: You can optionally change the setting for the cache expiration time. The default is to check for updated information on the Sametime and Profiles server after 24 hours. Change this setting if you want the update to happen more or less frequently.

  4. Run the IBM Connections 2.5 Business Card installer.

  5. Restart the client to view and use the card.

What to do next

To uninstall this plug-in:

  1. Uninstall the IBM Connections Business Card using the Add/Remove programs service from the Control Panel.

  2. Manually remove the Business Card related accounts from the Accounts Preferences panel. Delete all accounts that have the description “Lotus Connections”. The account named “Connections” should be the final account deleted.

      Note: Only do this if you are NOT using the Activities sidebar. If this is the case leave all accounts in place.

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