Install as a non-root user 

Grant permissions to a non-root user to install IBM Connections.

About this task

This task applies to the AIX and Linux™ operating systems only.

By default, only root users, or administrators on Microsoft™ Windows™ operating systems, have the necessary permissions to install an IBM Connections deployment. On the AIX and Linux operating systems, you can permit non-root users to install the product by changing their permissions to access certain data directories. On the Windows operating system, the user must be a member of the administrator group.

Note: The non-root user must be the same user who installed IBM WAS.

To grant the necessary permissions to a non-root user...


  1. Unless it already exists, create the non-root user account that you want to use to install IBM Connections.

  2. If it does not already exist, create a home directory for the user.

  3. Edit the install.ini file:

    1. Open the install.ini file for editing from the following location:

      • AIX: <Lotus_Connections_set-up directory>/IM/aix/install.ini

      • Linux: <Lotus_Connections_set-up directory>/IM/linux/install.ini

      • Linux on System z : <Lotus_Connections_set-up directory>/IM/zlinux/install.ini

    2. In the second line of the file, change admin to nonadmin.

    3. Save and close the file.

  4. Open a command prompt and grant the appropriate permissions to the user by entering the commands shown in the following table:

      Note: Use either the chmod or chown commands, depending on your security environment. Use the chown commands to grant permissions to a user and group but ensure that the group includes the user account that installed WAS.

      Table 1. Non-root user permissions

      Directory Permissions chmod command chown command
      <app_server_root> RWX chgrp -R <non-root_user_group> <app_server_root> chmod -R g+wrx <app_server_root>

      where <non-root_user_group> is a user group that contains the non-root user account.

      chown -R <non-root_ID>:<group> <app_server_root>

      where <non-root_ID> is the non-root user account and <group> is the user group that contains this account.

      Lotus_ Connections set-up directory RWX chgrp -R <non-root_user_group> <Lotus_Connections_set-up_directory> chmod -R g+wrx <Lotus_Connections_set-up_directory> chown -R <non-root_ID>:<group> <Lotus_connections_set-up_directory>
      lotus_connections_root RWX chgrp -R <non-root_user_group> <lotus_connections_root> chmod -R g+wrx <lotus_connections_root> chown -R <non-root_ID>:<group> <Lotus_connections_root>
      IM_root RWX chgrp -R <non-root_user_group> IM_root chmod -R g+wrx IM_root chown -R <non-root_ID>:<group> IM_root
      shared_resources_root RWX chgrp -R <non-root_user_group> shared_resources_root chmod -R g+wrx shared_resources_root chown -R <non-root_ID>:<group> shared_resources_root


When you have granted the necessary permissions, the non-root user can install IBM Connections.


Grant permissions to a non-root user who wants to install an IBM Connections deployment on Linux.



  1. Create a non-root user account.

  2. Create a home directory for the new user account.

  3. Add the new user account to the ConnectionsInstallers group.

  4. Open a command prompt and enter the following commands:

    1. chgrp -R ConnectionsInstallers /opt/IBM/Websphere/Appserver chmod -R g+wrx /opt/IBM/Websphere/Appserver

    2. chgrp -R ConnectionsInstallers /opt/ConnectionsSetup chmod -R g+wrx /opt/ConnectionsSetup

    3. chgrp -R ConnectionsInstallers /opt/ConnectionsInstallation chmod -R g+wrx /opt/ConnectionsInstallation

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