Exposing email addresses 

If you configured IBM Connections to prevent email addresses from being displayed, and later decide that you want to allow email addresses to be exposed in the product, perform this procedure.

Before you begin

Only perform this procedure if you configured IBM Connections to prevent email addresses from being displayed. See Hiding email addresses for more details.


  1. Open a command prompt, and then change to the following directory on the WAS hosting IBM Connections:

    • AIX or Linux™:


    • Microsoft™ Windows™:


  2. Enter the following command to run the script that configures IBM Connections to display email addresses on each WAS profile to which you installed an application:

    • AIX or Linux:

        ./ConfigEngine.sh action-expose-email > /tmp/expose_email.log 2>&1 

    • Microsoft Windows:

        ConfigEngine.bat action-expose-email > D:/expose_email.log 2>&1

      For example, on the Microsoft Windows operating system, you would enter the following command:

      ConfigEngine.bat action-expose-email > D:/expose_email.log 2>&1

  3. You must perform some additional steps to add the email address references that were removed from user profiles. Follow the steps in the topic Configure advanced search.

  4. Restart the servers.

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