Enable custom library views 

Views are queries that return a list of documents. Views are defined and managed on the ECM server. You can make views available to custom library widget users.

About this task

Views can display documents from all libraries. On IBM FileNet P8 ECM servers, views can also be scoped to a particular library or folder. If views are not scoped, the custom library widget could show documents outside of the library it is connected to. IBM Content Manager ECM servers do not support scoped views.


To enable views, perform the following steps:

  1. On the IBM Connections server, navigate to the config.js JSON file at the following location:

      app_server_root>\profiles\profile_root>\installedApps\<node_name>\News.ear\q kr.lw.war\WEB-INF\pages\js\config.js

      where <app_server_root> is the IBM WAS installation directory, <profile_name> is the name of the profile on which the application is installed or the profile name of the deployment manager, and <node_name> is the IBM WAS node name.

  2. Open the config.js file in an editor and find the configuration for your repository type: quickr.lw.config.services.p_support for IBM FileNet P8, or quickr.lw.config.services.cm_support for IBM Content Manager. Add the following section to the configuration, being careful to add a comma after the preceding entry if necessary:

      views: {
         read: true,
         custom: true

      For example:

      quickr.lw.config.services.p_support = quickr.lw.config.mergeObject(quickr.lw.config.services.default_support,
         generatorName: "ECM Documents: P8",
         descLength: 512,
         chgSumLength: 512,      
         peopleFeed: true,  
         acls: true,
         invalidFileChars: "\\ / \: * ? \" < > |  [ ]",
         invalidFileCharsRegex: / [\\\/\:\*\?\<\>\|\ [\]\"]/g,
         invalidFolderChars: "\\ / \: * ? \" < > |  [ ]",
         invalidFolderCharsRegex: / [\\\/\:\*\?\<\>\|\ [\]\"]/g,
         category: {
            folder: true
         pagination: {
            lookAhead: true
         edit: {
            customProps: true,
            changeExt: true         
         upload: {
            customProps: true
         documentType: {
            read: true,
            change: true,         
            global: true
         propertySheet: {
            propNameUnique: true,
            read: true,
            handleCLOBType: true
         comments: {
            read: false,
            mimeType: "text/html"
         versions: {
            read: true,
            removeSingle: true
         attachments: {
            read: true
         drafts: true,
         draftPages: true,
         views: {
            read: true,
            custom: true

  3. Save and close the config.js file.

  4. Restart the IBM Connections server.

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