Edit community feeds 

Make sure that your feeds continue to be useful by keeping their details up-to-date and accurate.

Before you begin

To edit a community feed, be a community owner or the member who added the feed.


To edit the feeds associated with a community...

  1. From the community that contains the feed that you want to edit, select Feeds in the navigation sidebar.

  2. Click More next to the feed name.

  3. Click Edit to open the Edit Feed form.

  4. Make the changes that you want to the following fields:

      Table 1. Edit Feed form fields
      Field name Value
      Feed Edit the web address of the feed.
      Name Rename the feed. Choose a name that clearly identifies the resource.
      Description Describe the information available from the feed. Include your own comments about why a community member might want to use the feed.
      Tags Type one or more tags. A tag is a keyword that represents the content of the feed. The tags that you define here display in the tag cloud on the overview page of the current community.

  5. Click Save to save your changes.

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