Add a feed to a community 

Subscribe to a feed to keep your community informed with up-to-the minute information from a web site without leaving the community page. Any member of a community can add a feed.

About this task

You can only add publicly available feeds to a community. An administrator may make certain feed sources trusted – for example, feeds from other IBM Connections applications – in which case the authenticated feeds from these sources display. However, by default, authenticated feeds are not allowed.


Follow these steps to add a feed to your community.

  1. Find a feed that you want to subscribe to.

  2. Right-click the feed icon and copy the link URL.

      This image is one type of feed icon Feed icon , but there are many variations.

      • In Microsoft™ Internet Explorer, right-click and choose Copy Shortcut.

      • In Mozilla Firefox, right-click and choose Copy Link Location.

  3. From any community for which you are a member, click Feeds in the navigation pane.

  4. Click Add Feed to open the Add Feed form.

  5. Paste the web address of the feed into the Feed field.

  6. Complete the Add Feed form and click Save.

What to do next

If you get a 403 error when you try to access the feed, this might be because your administrator has configured your deployment to prevent access to URLs outside the IBM Connections product. Contact the administrator for more information.

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