Customize the footer 

You can edit the files that control the content of the IBM Connections footer to improve the footer's functionality.

Before you begin

The following file defines the content of the navigation bar:


The style used by the footer is defined in the following file:



  1. Make a copy of the footer.jsp file. You can access the file from the following directory:



      • <WAS_home> is the directory to which you installed IBM WAS

      • <profile_name> is the profile to which you installed one of the IBM Connections applications

      • <cell_name> is the cell to which you installed the application

      • <application_name.ear> is the EAR file name for the application

      • <application_name.war> is one of the following file names:

        • Activities: oawebui.war

        • Blogs: blogs.war

        • Bookmarks: dogear.webui.war

        • Communities: comm.web.war

        • Files: qkr.share.files.war

        • Forums: forum.web.war

        • Home page: homepage.war

        • News: news.web.war

        • Profiles:

        • Search: search.war

        • Wikis:

      The footer.jsp file is the same for each application. You only need to make a copy of one instance of the footer.jsp file.

  2. Paste the copy into the appropriate subdirectory in the customization directory, which is most likely the common directory. See Customize the user interface for more details. For example, to change the look of the footer in all applications, you would copy the file into the following directory:


  3. Open the copied file in an editor, and then determine the section of the footer to which you want to add your link. For example, if you want to add link to your company's help page to the Help section of the footer, find the Help section of the footer by searching for the following HTML markup:

      <ul id="lotusFooterULHelp"> <lc-ui:templateLink key="" appname="${appName}"> <fmt:message key="" /> </lc-ui:templateLink> <li> <a href="<c:out value="" />"> <fmt:message key="" /> </a> </li> </ul> </td>

  4. Add your company help link to the section by adding the link as an <li> element to the <td> block.

      <ul id="lotusFooterULHelp"> <lc-ui:templateLink key="" appname="${appName}"> <fmt:message key="" /> </lc-ui:templateLink> <li> <a href="<c:out value="" />"> <fmt:message key="" /> </a> </li> <li> <a href="">My Company Help</a> </li> </ul> </td>

      You do not need to add the <lc-ui:templateLink> or <fmt:message> elements. You can just add your link within a standard <li> element.

  5. Save and close the footer.jsp file.

  6. Restart the applications, and then refresh your web browser to see your changes.

  7. See Customize the user interface for details on how to apply your changes permanently.

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