Create a bookmark 

You can save a web page URL as a bookmark that you and others can use to access the page.

About this task

There are two ways to create a bookmark. If you know the URL you want to bookmark, you can click the Public Bookmarks or My Bookmarks tab and click the Add a Bookmark button. Fill in the form to create a bookmark to the URL you specify. If you want to bookmark from a web page you visit, follow the steps below to install the browser button so you can easily add a bookmark to a site you want to share or revisit.


  1. If you have not done so already, install the Add Bookmark browser toolbar button from the How to Bookmark link at the bottom of the Bookmarks window.

  2. Open a web page that you want to bookmark.

  3. Click the Add Bookmark button in the browser toolbar.

  4. Optional: Enter information for the bookmark such as a description and tags.

  5. Optional: Select where you want to add the bookmark. Depending on what is deployed in your organization. you can save a bookmark to:

      When you add a bookmark to a community, you can specify a message for the community and you can choose to add the bookmark to the community list of important bookmarks.

      Note: If your organization does not deploy an application, it does not display as an option.

  6. Click Save to add the bookmark to My Bookmarks.

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