Bookmarks overviews, how-tos, and FAQs 

The basics of social bookmarking

What can you do with Bookmarks?

What's new in Bookmarks?

Getting started and installing the bookmark button

Create a bookmark

Viewing bookmarks

Copying a bookmark

Viewing business cards

Notifying other users about a bookmark

Add a bookmark to another IBM Connections application

Flag a bookmark as broken

Work with your bookmarks

Filtering the bookmarks list

Refining the bookmarks list

Use tags

Tagging tips

Manage tags

Searching for bookmarks

Search for bookmarks

Create a single bookmark view

Moving bookmarks into and out of Bookmarks

Importing bookmarks from a web browser

Export bookmarks to a file

Add a bookmark list to a web site

Keeping up with watchlists and feeds

Add bookmarks to your watchlist

Subscribing to a feed

This help system is Built on Eclipse ( ).



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