Configure index backup settings 

Use SearchCellConfig commands to define index backup settings in the search-config.xml file.

Before you begin

When using administrative commands, use the IBM WAS wsadmin client. See Starting the wsadmin client for details.

About this task

When backing up the search index, you can specify the type of backup that you want to create by configuring the backupType setting in the search-config.xml file. You can also specify whether to run a shell script or third-party application on completion of the backup task by editing the postBackupExecutable setting. These settings are applied to all backup tasks.


To configure index backup settings...

  1. From the dmgr host:

      cd $DMGR_PROFILE/bin
      ./ -jython

      If prompted to specify a service to connect to, type 1 to pick the first node in the list. Most commands can run on any node. If the command writes or reads information to or from a file using a local file path, pick the node where the file is stored.

  2. Check out the Search cell-level configuration file using the following command:

      SearchCellConfig.checkOutConfig("<working_dir>", "<cellName>")


      • <working_dir> is the temporary directory to which you want to check out the cell level configuration file. This directory must exist on the server where you are running the wsadmin client. Use forward slashes to separate directories in the file path, even if you are using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

          Note: AIX and Linux only: The directory must grant write permissions or the command will not run successfully.

      • <cellName> is the name of the cell that the Search node belongs to. This argument is required. It is also case-sensitive, so type it with care. If you do not know the cell name, you can determine it by typing the following command in the wsadmin command processor:

          print AdminControl.getCell()

      For example:

      SearchCellConfig.checkOutConfig("c:/search_temp", "SearchServerNode01Cell")

  3. To configure index backup settings, use the following commands:

      SearchCellConfig.setBackupType(String type)

        Specifies the type of backup that you want to create.

        This command takes a single argument that specifies the backup type. This can be one of the following:

        • new. Creates a new index backup every time.

        • dual. Creates dual copies and overwrites the oldest existing backup.

        • overwrite. Overwrites the existing index backup.

        For example:


      SearchCellConfig.setPostBackupScript(String script)

        Specifies which shell script or third-party application runs on completion of the backup task.

        This command takes a single argument that specifies the name of the shell script or application file.

        For example:


  4. Check in the changed configuration property keys using the following wsadmin client command:


  5. To exit the wsadmin client, type exit at the prompt.

  6. Stop the server or servers hosting the Search application, delete the index, and then restart the Search servers.

      The next time the scheduled task runs, it recreates the index.

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