Backup and restore 

Create a backup of the Search index and save it to a secure location so that it can be used to restore the index in the event of loss or corruption.

Note: When backing up and restoring data, refer to the product documentation for the database and file system that you are using.

When indexing tasks are scheduled, it can be difficult to find a suitable time for backing up the Search index. Instead of creating an index backup manually, you can use the IBM WAS scheduler framework to create backup tasks that automatically block indexing tasks from starting and create suitable slots in the scheduled list of tasks for creating index backups. By leveraging the existing scheduler framework, you can implement a consistent method for scheduling and administering the Search application.

The scheduler framework guarantees that a single backup task runs in a clustered environment. In the event of a previous backup task being interrupted, the current backup task removes any leftover artifacts from the failed backup task.


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