Conditional Loading of the Lotus CSS bundle 

RECOMMENDED: Load the IBM Connections portlets CSS bundle to properly render the user interfaces for the IBM Connections portlets.

About this task

The IBM Connections portlets bundle their own Lotus CSS package containing all of the style definitions and images required to properly render the UI. This CSS package is based on the same CSS package contained in the WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 Page Builder theme. Because of this, the portlet application contains logic to determine whether or not to load the CSS package bundled with the portlets depending on whether or not the theme used by the portal environment has already loaded the Lotus CSS as part of the theme. This is done to avoid loading of duplicate style definitions during page load. Follow these steps to specify a loading option.


  1. Depending on your server configuration, open the file in an editor as follows:

    • For a Windows-based non-clustered Portal server, open: [portalInstallRoot]\wp_profile\installedApps\ [cell]\PA_WPF.ear\\WEB-INF\lcaccelerator\properties\

    • For a Linux/AIX-based non-clustered Portal server, open: [portalInstallRoot]/wp_profile/installedApps/ [cell]/PA_WPF.ear/

    • For a Windows-based clustered portal Server, open the file on each application server node: [portalInstallRoot]\wp_profile\installedApps\ [cell]\PA_WPF.ear\\WEB-INF\lcaccelerator\properties\

    • For a Linux/AIX-based clustered portal server, open the file on each application server node: [portalInstallRoot]/wp_profile/installedApps/[cell]/PA_WPF.ear/

  2. Specify one of the following options for the oneui_css_loadrule configuration setting:

    • oneui_css_loadrule=portal This is the default setting. This setting causes the portlets to not load the bundled Lotus CSS but rely on the portal theme to provide the style definitions.

    • oneui_css_loadrule=portlet This setting causes the portlets to always load the Lotus CSS bundled with the portlets regardless of whether its already available in portal environment or not. This is the suggested option if the portal theme has been heavily customized where a lot of style definitions that the portlets would depend on in the portal theme have been changed. This will ensure that the integrity of the Connections Portlet UI is preserved. This setting also may be used in the scenario where the portlets are deployed in an advanced or back level version of Portal that's not officially supported. In this situation, the newer Portal theme may contain an updated version of the Lotus CSS that's not supported by the Connections Portlets.

  3. Save your changes to the file.

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