IBM Connections Portlets for WebSphere Portal 

Bring the power of IBM Connections to your portal applications.

Installing this package makes the following portlets available to your portal users:

Attention: If you updated to IBM Connections 3.0.1 from Connections 3.0, you will find that the Connections business card does not display. The configuration has changed so that the business card will now display in deployments that use hidden email. Even if your deployment does not, do some additional configuration to make the business card display. Follow the steps in Configure the Connections business card.

Note: The portlets support LTPA single sign-on. If the IBM Connections Server and IBM WebSphere Portal servers are configured for single sign-on, You can configure the Portal AJAX Proxy to manage authentication for the IBM Connections portlets. The only additional step to allow the portlets to use single sign-on to authenticate with IBM Connections is to set the Connections service URL for each portlet as described in the topic Configure the IBM Connections portlets. If end users specify their IBM Connections login credentials via the Personalize menu, the portlets will use basic authentication to authenticate with Lotus Connections.

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Re: IBM Connections Portlets for WebSphere Portal

The section on wiring the portlets together is missing. I see it in the 3.0 version of the wiki (Wiring_the_Lotus_Connections_portlets_lc3) but not for 3.0.1. Can we have this section added for the 3.0.1 portlets?