Add the Files widget 

Add the Files widget to your community so that you and other members can share files with the rest of the community.

Before you begin

The Files widget is automatically added to a community when it is first created. You can remove the widget and add it to the community again at a later stage. You must be a community owner to add the Files widget to a community.

About this task

When you add the Files widget to a community, members can share local files and files from the Files application with the rest of the community. Sharing files is a good way to foster collaboration within a community. By encouraging members to upload files to the community, you can work together on shared documents and build up a valuable repository of information that is accessible from within the community.


To add the Files widget to a community...

  1. From the community's Overview page, select Community Actions -> Customize to open the content palette.

  2. Click Files to add file-sharing functionality to your community.

  3. Optional: Click Close Palette to close the palette.


A new Files area displays on the Overview page. This area is empty at first but, when community members become active and start sharing files, it displays the five files that have been most recently updated or uploaded to the community file share area. A Files link to the community's file share area is also provided in the navigation sidebar.

By default, every member can now start sharing files with the rest of the community. As a community owner, you can restrict the access level of regular members by selecting Community Actions -> Edit Community from the community's Overview page, clicking the Files tab, and changing the permissions as required. For more information about editing permissions for community files, see Manage the Files widget.

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