Add members to a community activity 

You can add all the members of a community to a community activity or select a subset of community members to add as members.

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You must be an author or an owner of a community activity to add members. An author can add readers and other authors. An owner can add members in any role.

If you add a person who is already a member of the activity, the new membership entry overwrites the original entry.

To add a member to a community activity...


  1. From the My Activities view, open a community activity.

  2. Click Add Members.

      You do not see the Add Members link if you are either a reader of the community activity or you were added when an entire community was added to the community activity and you were not added individually.

  3. Perform one of the following steps:

    • To add all community members as authors, select Allow all members of this community access in the activity as Author.

        This option is only available if you are a community activity owner.

    • To add all of the members in a role other than Author or to restrict access for the community activity to a subset of community members...

      1. Select Allow only the following community members access in the activity as Author.

          This option is only available if you are a community activity owner.

      2. To assign a role other than the default role of Author to the members that you are adding, click the down arrow beside the Author field, and then select Owner or Reader.

          If you are not an owner of the activity, you cannot add a person as an owner.

      3. Select the check box next to each person that you want to add to the community activity.

  4. When you are finished adding members to the activity, click Save.


If you selected individual members to add to the community activity, they are sent a notification informing them about the activity. No notifications are sent to the members who were added as part of an entire community.

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