Add a pronunciation file to your profile 

Edit your profile to upload a recording of your name being pronounced correctly.

Before you begin

The pronunciation file that you upload to your profile must be in WAV or WMA format, and it cannot be larger than 100 KB in size.

About this task

You can enhance your profile by adding a recording of yourself saying your name so that others can hear it pronounced correctly.


To upload an audio file to your profile, perform the following steps.

  1. Click Edit My Profile on the My Profile page.

      Alternatively, select Profiles -> Edit My Profile from the product navigation.

  2. Click the Pronunciation tab.

  3. Do one of the following.

    • To upload a pronunciation file:

      • Click Browse to browse for an audio file recording of your name being clearly spoken with the correct pronunciation.

      • Click Save to upload the file.

    • To remove a pronunciation file:

      • Select Remove audio file and then click Save.

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