Activity Streams extensions to News repository feeds 

Most of the News repository feeds are extended with Activity Streams formatted data. Use Activity Stream format and data to leverage News feeds in third-party clients.

Attention: The event information provided here is specific to version 3.0.1 of IBM Connections. Changes to your application may be required to maintain equivalent functionality when integrating with a future release.

For details on Activity Streams, see the Activity Streams specification.

The following News feeds are extended with Activity Streams data:


Here is an example of a feed with Activity Streams data:

<entry xmlns:activity="">
<title type="html">Joe Doe commented on their own board entry.</title> <summary type="html">ccc </summary> <link href=";entryId=52a5160f-9d74-49c4-8390-89bcc5b71490" rel="alternate" type="text/html"></link> <link href="" rel="related" type="application/atom+xml"></link> <id></id> <updated>2010-12-03T17:48:28.065Z</updated> <content type="html"><span class="vcard"&gt;<a class="fn url" title="This is a link to the profile of Joe Doe." href=""&gt;<span class="photo" src="" alt="This is a photo of Joe Doe." style="display : none"&gt;</span&gt;Joe Doe</a&gt;<span class="x-lconn-userid" style="display : none"&gt;ec8a89c0-f41d-102c-9b60-f225bc6c4af4</span&gt;</span&gt; commented on their own board entry.</content> <author xmlns:snx=""> <name>Joe Doe</name> <snx:userid xmlns:snx="">ec8a89c0-f41d-102c-9b60-f225bc6c4af4 </snx:userid> <snx:userState xmlns:snx="">active</snx:userState> <email></email> <uri> </uri> </author> <category term="news" scheme=""></category> <activity:verb xmlns:activity=""></activity:verb> <activity:object xmlns:activity=""> <activity:object-type xmlns:activity=""></activity:object-type> <id xmlns=""></id> <title>ccc </title> <link xmlns="" href=";entryId=52a5160f-9d74-49c4-8390-89bcc5b71490" rel="alternate" type="text/html"></link> </activity:object> <activity:target xmlns:activity=""> <activity:object-type xmlns:activity=""></activity:object-type> <id xmlns=""></id> <title></title> <link xmlns="" href="" rel="alternate" type="text/html"></link> </activity:target> </entry>

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