Access your subcommunities 

Add the Subcommunities widget to your community to give you easy access to your subcommunities.

About this task

When you add subcommunities to your community, a Subcommunities link is added to the navigation sidebar of the parent community, and you can also access the subcommunities from the My Communities tab. In addition, you can add the Subcommunities widget to the parent community. The widget lists all the subcommunities in the community, with the most recently-updated subcommunity displaying at the top, and allows you to open the subcommunities directly from the parent community.

For information about how to add the Subcommunities widget to your community, see Add widgets to your community.


Use the Subcommunities widget in the following ways.

  1. Click View List or View Images to set your preference for displaying the subcommunities.

  2. Click a subcommunity image or link to open the subcommunity and work with it.

      You can return to the parent community at any time by clicking the link to the parent community that displays above the subcommunity's business card.

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Create subcommunities

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