IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Modify Performance Monitoring Infrastructure settings

If the data collector communicates with ITCAM for Application Diagnostics Managing Server, the level of instrumentation for Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) is determined by the current MOD level set in the Visualization Engine. You can customize the PMI level for each MOD level. The collection level set in Tivoli Enterprise Portal does not affect the PMI level.

By default, the following PMI setting will be enabled at each Managing Server MOD level:

MOD level PMI setting
1 Basic
2 Extended
3 All

To customize these settingss in the data collector custom properties file

Type of customization Procedure
Change the PMI setting to be set for a particular MOD level. Add or uncomment one or more of the following lines and give it a different setting. Possible values are none, basic, extended, or all:


Fine-grained customization of instrumentation for a particular PMI module Add a line to set fine-grained customization for a particular module at a particular monitoring level...


For example...


Use * to monitor all IDs in the module, or none to monitor none:

    am.was6custompmi.settings.3=beanModule=* am.was6custompmi.settings.3=webAppModule=none

The am.was6pmi.* property names are also valid for monitoring Version 7 application servers.

If you do not want the level of instrumentation for PMI to change as the Managing Server MOD level changes, add the following line to the data collector custom properties file

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