IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Permissions- UNIX - WAS agent

If the IBM Tivoli Monitoring framework is being installed on the host for the first time, root privileges are required for installation. Otherwise, a non-root user account can be used, but it must meet certain requirements.

The Agent requires the IBM Tivoli Framework; the agent installer will, by default, install this framework. The framework includes Global Security Kit (GSKit); installation of GSKit requires root permissions. Therefore, if the IBM Tivoli Monitoring framework was not installed on the host, use a root account to install the agent.

However, if the IBM Tivoli Framework is already installed on the host, you may use a non-root account for installation. This must be the account that owns all the application server profiles to be monitored by the data collector. The account must meet the following requirements for every application server profile to be monitored:

If WAS was installed by root, but all the instances to be monitored are owned by a non-root account before using this non-root account to install the agent:

  1. As the root user, run the following commands:
    chown -R wasuser:wasgroup AppServer_home/properties/version/history
    chown wasuser:wasgroup AppServer_home/properties/version

    The wasuser and the wasgroup are the user and group of the application server instance.

  2. As your non-root user, run the following command:
    If the application server version (not an error message) is displayed, you have performed the change successfully, and may use the non-root account to install the agent.

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