IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Take Action commands for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications


The Take Action feature in Tivoli Enterprise Portal allows one to enter commands on any system in the network running Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agents (TEMA).

Take Action commands include...

Users can invoke a Take Action command from...

The following take action commands are for internal use only and are not for use in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal. The configuration workspaces use these take action commands to communicate internally with the monitoring agent.


  1. Add_XD_Cell
  2. Enable_Auto_Threshold
  3. Override_Auto_Threshold
  4. Remove_WebSphere_SubNode
  5. Set_Application_Monitoring
  6. Set_Completion_Thresholds
  7. Set_Request_Sampling_Rate
  8. Start_Baselining
  9. Start_GC_Monitoring
  10. Start_Request_Monitoring
  11. Start_Resource_Monitoring
  12. Start_WebSphere_Server
  13. Stop_Baselining
  14. Stop_GC_Monitoring
  15. Stop_Request_Monitoring
  16. Stop_Resource_Monitoring
  17. Stop_WebSphere_Server
  18. Update_Baseline
  19. Threshold calculation detail

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