IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

DC Messages attributes

The DC Messages attributes provide message information from WebSphere data collector.

The attributes within this group are used to build the Log Analysis workspace.


The identifier (decimal) assigned to the address space running this servant region.


The name of the component that caused the error. The value format is an alphanumeric string, with a maximum of 32 characters.

Event Date and Time

The date and time the event occurred. The valid format is a 12-character timestamp. For the STR and SCAN functions, the format is MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS; the following table shows the values contained in this character string:

Format of the 12-character timestamp

Character String Meaning
MM Month
DD Day
YY Year
HH Hour
MM Minute
SS Second

Example: 09/13/06 18:32:03 indicates the data was collected on September 13, 2006, at 18:32:03.

This attribute was designed for logging and reporting data-collection times rather than for creating situations. To specify a time and date for comparison and testing, use attributes from the Universal Time or Local Time groups.

File Name

The name of the file. Alphanumeric string.

Message Description

The description of the message. Alphanumeric string.

Message ID

The unique identifier of the message. Alphanumeric string. Maximum characters.

Method Name

The name of the method. Alphanumeric string.

Node Name

The name of the system on which the server is running. The value format is an alphanumeric string, with a maximum of 128 characters.

Origin Node

The name of the server subnode. Alphanumeric string.

Process ID

Indicates the process ID of the JVM.

Sequence Number

The sequence number in the JMX notifications stream. Format is positive integer.

Server Name

The name of the application server. Alphanumeric string.


The severity of the message. Valid values are Info, Warning, Error, and Severe.

Thread ID

The identifier of the thread where the event occurred. Alphanumeric string. Maximum6 characters.

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