IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Heap Dumps

The Heap Dumps page shows a table of existing heap dumps on the monitored servers. From this page, you can delete the heap dumps you no longer want to store.

To view the Heap Dumps page, from the top navigation click...

In the table, heap dumps are grouped by server. You can hide the heap dumps for a server by clicking - next to the server name, and show them again by clicking +.

To view heap dumps for servers in a server group, select the group name in the Group list box; to view heap dumps for a single server, select the server name in the Server list box.

For every heap dump, the table shows:

To delete a heap dump, click the Delete button.

You can use the left navigation pane to view scheduled heap dumps and schedule a new heap dump.

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Heap Dump Management