IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Set the Heap Dump scan interval and logging - J2EE Agent

The Heap Dump Management function of ITCAM for J2EE can create Heap Dumps of the monitored WAS by user request.

Once in a defined time interval, ITCAM for J2EE will scan the existing Heap Dumps, in order to inform the user of their existance and to delete heap dump files that are over 48 ours old.

By default, this interval is every 12 hours. To change the interval, set the following property in the custom_directory/ file to the new interval in seconds:


In order to enable logging of heap Dump scans, set the following property in the file, which is located in the directory that also contains custom_directory, i.e.:

Once every scan interval (12 hours by defaukt), Heap Dump scan messages will be logged into the trace-dc-ParentLast.log file.

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Customization and advanced configuration for the data collector