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More than one data collector installed on a server with a firewall enabled: setting a range of port numbers - J2EE Agent

The configuration program requires you to set unique port numbers for probe.rmi.port and probe.controller.rmi.port. There will be problems with communication with the Managing Server if ports for separate data collectors installed on a server with a firewall are not unique. If you have many data collectors, it might be difficult to set unique ports for all the data collectors.

Instead of having to make sure that individual port numbers assigned for each of the data collectors is unique, you can set a range of port numbers in the data collectors' properties files. The following procedure will reset the individual port numbers entered during the configuration to a range of port numbers:

For each data collector, in the custom_directory/ file, set the following properties:

For example,

If you use the same range for both properties, make sure that range is larger than or equal to 2 times the number of data collectors installed on the server.

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