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Create project templates

Projects help content authors group changes. From the site toolbar, we can create a new project, or use a project template. We can create a project template from an existing project. Predefined projects are timesavers, and enable suggestions, or enforcement, regarding workflow and approvers.

Use the Web Content Authoring portlet to create and delete project templates.

Create a project template

  1. From the Applications menu, click...

      Content | Web Content Authoring | New | Project Template

  2. The Display Title entry is what content authors see in the project template list on the Projects tab.

  3. Set the publish options to define how and when content in delivered to the live website.

    • Date is a good selection if we need all of the project changes to publish on the same day. Every one that uses the project template as a starting point for their work has the same publish date defined.

    • Automatic is a good selection if we have syndication configured and the workflow has sufficient reviews and approvals.

    • Manual is a good selection if we do not have syndication configured or if we need to tightly control when content is delivered to the live website.

  4. Select the user or user group that can approve the project.

  5. On the Properties tab, specify which user or user groups can use the template.

  6. By default, as the template creator, the ID is assigned as the template owner. Add more owners if needed.

  7. Define which user and user groups have specific roles within the project.

    • As our owner of the project template, we can set the Administrator Defined and User Defined roles.

    • The person that uses the template can set the User Defined roles.

    • Select Inheritance means that item inherits access roles from a parent item or library. Inheritance is selected by default and can make access control simpler.

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