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Duplicate group assignments


Use this feature to assign one member to the same groups as an existing member.

Suppose we have just created a new user, Mary. We need to assign Mary to the same groups to which Hans, an existing portal user, already belongs. Instead of manually adding Mary to all of the groups in which Hans is a member, use the duplicate group assignments feature.

To duplicate group assignments, we must have either of the following:

  • At least the Editor role on all groups of which Hans is a member, and the Security_Administrator@Users role.

    Users is a virtual resource.

  • The Administrator@Portal role.

    This allows us to assign any user or group to any role on any resource.

Duplicate group assignments

  1. Choose one of the following methods to find the user or group that will inherit the role assignment:

    • Search for the user or group.

    • Click the All Portal User Groups link for a list of all groups.

    • Click the All Authenticated Portal Users for a list of all users.

  2. Click the Duplicate group assignments icon for the user or user group that will inherit the group assignments.

  3. Click the Select radio button for the user or group that will serve as the model for the role assignment.

  4. Click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to exit without saving the changes.

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